BMW R 25/2

BMW R 25/2

The predecessor of the R 25/2 was the model BMW R 25 with telescopic fork and Geradweg rear suspension. From this , the R 25/2 differs only slightly. In contrast to the R25 , the R25 R / 2 now has a built- in the lamp pot idle control light , a “dovetail Silencer”, and various chrome components which when R 25 still were painted black. The R 25/2 with its 12 hp , half hub brakes , front forks and Geradweg rear suspension was not provided with wings like the later, which appeared from 1955 models. A disadvantage of both types, the high weight is in terms of something low power, this particularly in the sidecar.


Bore:                                                      68 mm

Stroke:                                                   86 mm

Displacment :                                       247 cc

Torqe:                                  12 PS (8,8 kW) bei 5800 min

Top Speed:                          95 km/h/ 80 km/h with sc

Curb Weight:                                        142 kg

Gross Weight Rating:                          300 kg


August 14, 2016